Ian and Tea are artists and Granny's favorite babies (if you're a cousin, we said what we said). Our core commandment here at Grandma Baby Apothecary is Black Joy.

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The story

Grandma Baby Apothecary is a Black owned + operated spiritual apothecary, specializing in tools that specifically align with the practices of Black American folks. Hoodoo. It's a vessel for Black community to grow intuition into understanding.

This is the story of a lifetime of lessons learnt through intuitive connection, nurtured into understanding, passed down to become wisdom and practice. As new leaves harbor the knowing of what sits beneath the soil.

This is legacy.

We have always found power in our multiplicity. We present as a constellation made up of single standing stars. This constellation is used as guidance, as grounding, as a tool to navigate the world around us.

Collectively, our spirituality is not tied to a single place of devotion. It has been present in every aspect of our lives. We have always created sacred realities and built societies, systems, routines, relationships and livelihoods around our beliefs. This is why so much rests in the unsaid, the half-dreamed, the familiar likeness in our collective experiences.

There is a thread that connects us all, and the thread of this narrative is woven by tales that turn hard lessons into triumph. Through song that we innately know, passed down many generations, and now sit so sweetly in our throats— distant from the agony that once sat deep in the belly. Connecting through ceremony, ritual, and practice has always been the fabric that holds each thread in place. The midnight shade of Blue Black that acts as canvas to the constellations is what informs our internal compass. It tells us where we’ve been, what sits on either side, and from wherever we are— where North is facing.

Grandma Baby Apothecary is the reminder that we are all part of a greater story, the soft hum that finds you when you finally look up. Collectively, we are the thread that weaves the stars into an artwork that needs no plaque— just the practiced pause of trusting in divine timing.