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Grandma Baby Apothecary

Grandma Baby's House Prayer Cards

Grandma Baby's House Prayer Cards

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"...pray this verse throughout
turbulent and uncertain times
calling down holy and ancestral
reinforcement to ground
and support you..."

This is the House Prayer Card, featuring a gorgeous gold foiled collage integrating archival photography and scans from our very own family Bible (not the same Bible pictured here). It draws power from the gospel of Matthew, and it draws its heart and soul from that old Black religion. Blessed twice over––this sacred object fits neatly inside your wallet, pocket, on your altar, at the entrance to your home or whatever special place you keep protective talismans.

Each card measures 2" x 3.5" with gold foil accents, rounded corners and a petal-soft finish. Traditionally, a single House Prayer Card is gifted with every physical purchase from our shop. This listing is for five (5) prayer cards.

Disclaimer: All items in this shop are sold for curio/entertainment purposes. Please cleanse, bless and set specific intentions with your spiritual tools upon receipt.

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